MitySOM-AM57X Texas Instruments AM57XX SOC Wiki Page

Support is included for the MitySOM-AM57 module with and without the optional FPGA. See The Critical Link website to view product pages for the SOMs and development kit in this family.

Reference Information and Examples

Source Code Repositories and Pre-built Images
Repositories and Pre-built Images Reference links to source code repositories and Pre-built Images
Getting Started Starting information about the Development Kit and SOM
Advanced Peripherals Information about the advanced peripherals and interfaces
Software Development
Arm Development Information about the development environment for Arm applications, Linux Kernel, and U-Boot
DSP Development Information about the development environment for DSP programs
Multi-Core Support
Change Core Clock Frequency Information on how to check and change the Core Clock Frequencies for the different cores on the MitySOM-AM57X
Memory Overview Information on how Memory is allocated for use between the different cores. (ARM, DSP, ...)
Hardware Design
Hardware Design Information about Hardware design for custom baseboards
AM57x Development Kit Information about the MitySOM AM57x Development Kit
FPGA/VHDL Development
FPGA Development Information about FPGA development
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to frequently asked questions

Other Reference Material

A large portion of the software has been developed using information from the sites listed below:

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