Code Composer Installation

Code Composer is an IDE from TI for building applications for all of the processors on the MitySOM-AM57x. It is not required to use it but it may be convenient. Code Composer can run on either Windows or Linux. These instructions focus on a Linux installation but the procedure is similar for Windows.

For Ubuntu machines you will need to add support to run 32 bit applications, which can be done with the following commands:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386

Next, you will need both the TI Processor SDK for Linux and TI RTOS Processor SDK. Both can be downloaded from TI:

These steps expect you to install both in your home directory and to be owned by you (not root).

Install support libraries:

# Download both Linux and RTOS SDK
# Make sure both installers have the permissions set for running
chmod a+x ti*.bin
# Install the Linux SDK (In GUI make sure to install to $HOME/ti-processor-sdk-linux-am57xx-evm-
# Install the RTOS SDK
./ti-processor-sdk-rtos-am57xx-evm- --prefix $HOME/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-am57xx-evm-

Install Code Composer:

  • Download "Linux single file installer for CCS IDE" from:
  • Extract the tarball and run the installer.
    cd <your_downloads_directory>
    tar xzf CCS10.4.0.00006_linux-x64.tar.gz 
    cd CCS10.4.0.00006_linux-x64

    Make the following choices:
    Select Components screen Sitara AM3x, AM4x, AM5x, and AM6x MPUs
    C6000 Power-Optimized DSP
    Install debug probes screen Blackhawk Debug Probes (or whichever probes you will be using)
  • Open CCS once it installs. You can use the desktop to start it or do the following.
    $ export DISPLAY=:1
    $ cd <Your-Install-Directory-for-Code-Composer>
    $ ./ccs/eclipse/eclipse
  • Install support libraries and tools
    • Windows->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Projects
      • Product discovery path: Press Add
      • Browse and add the $HOME/ti or $HOME/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-am57xx-evm- (these are equivalent)
      • Let eclipse restart.
    • Windows->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Projects->RTSC
      • Device family: C6000
      • Compiler version: TI v8.3.2
      • Add...
        • Select a product: Select SYS/BIOS
        • Hit OK
      • Hit Apply and Close
  • Add Linux compiler
    • Windows->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Build->Compilers
      • Tool discovery path: Hit Add...
        • Browse and select $HOME/ti-processor-sdk-linux-am57xx-evm-
        • Press Open
      • Discovered tools: Hit Refresh
      • Should see GNU v8.3.0 in the list under Arm

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