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Support is included for the MitySOM-AM62 and MitySOM-AM62A System on Modules (SOMS), based on the Texas Instruments (TI) AM62x and AM62Ax processors.

Important Links:

MitySOM-AM62 MitySOM-AM62A Description
MitySOM-AM62 Product Page  MitySOM-AM62A Product Page Main Product Page on
MitySOM-AM62 DataSheet [pdf] MitySOM-AM62A DataSheet [pdf] DataSheets
Both SOMs are electrically and mechanically pin compatible and make use of the same development kit carrier board and design guidelines.

Errata and Product Change Notifications for the MitySOM-AM62 and MitySOM-AM62A can be found in the Hardware Design section of this wiki.

NOTE: If you received a Development Kit, please check the Repositories and Pre-built Images page for up to date software/filesystem images.

Key differences between MitySOM-AM62 and MitySOM-AM62A

The table below lists key differences between the AM62x (on the MitySOM-AM62) and the AM62Ax (on the MitySOM-AM62A).

Topic MitySOM-AM62 MitySOM-AM62A
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Included Not Included
Open LVDS Display Interface (OLDI) Included Not Included
Memory x16 DDR4 at 1600 MT/s (3.2 GB/s) x32 LPDDR4 at 3733 MT/s (14.9 GB/s)
Hardware Image Signal Processing (ISP) Not Included Included
Asymmetric Processing MCU Single-core Arm Cortex-M4 at 400 MHz MCU Single-core Arm Cortex-R5F at up to 800 Mhz
C7x DSP at 500 MHz (850/1000MHz options available if needed, contact Critical Link)
AI processing Software on ARM Cores Up to 2 TOPs using C7x DSP with HW acceleration
Hardware Video Encode / Decode Not Included Included

Reference Information and Examples

Source Code Repositories and Pre-built Images
Repositories and Pre-built Images Reference links to source code repositories and Pre-built Images
Getting Started Starting information about the Development Kit and SOM
Software Development
A53/MPU Development Information about the development environment for ARM Cortex A53 MPU applications, Linux Kernel, and U-Boot
M4F/MCU Development Information about the development environment for ARM M4F MCU programs
PRU Development Information about the development environment for Programmable Realtime Unit (PRU) programs
JTAG Debug Interface Information on connecting to the SOM over JTAG
Hardware Design
Hardware Design Information about Hardware design for custom baseboards
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to frequently asked questions

Other Reference Material

A large portion of the software has been developed using TI's reference development kits for both the MitySOM-AM62 and MitySOM-AM62A platforms. The TI Developer Portal provides an excellent reference of additional examples for leveraging the features of their System on Chip devices. Users are encouraged to review this site.

Additional information from the sites listed below is also very helpful.

MitySOM-AM62 MitySOM-AM62A Description
TI AM62x Datasheet TI AM62Ax Datasheet
TI Processor AM62x SDK TI Processor AM62Ax SDK Click on the "Download Link" on the page, it will provide links to several useful manuals.
TI AM62x Sitarra Technical Reference Manual TI AM62Ax Sitarra Technical Reference Manual

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