CAD Files and Information

STEP models

The links below include STEP models of both the MitySOM-AM62x (fully populated with eMMC and OSPI option) as well as the Development Kit, for reference or inclusion in your design 3D models.

Description Link
80-001614RI-2, 6254-TX-DAD-RI (MitySOM-AM62) Step Model ZIP
80-001617RI-2, MitySOM-AM62 Development Kit Step Model ZIP
80-001640RI-1, 62A74-TX-DAD-RI (MitySOM-AM62a) Step Model ZIP

Altium Models

Altium design files, gerbers, and BOM data for the MitySOM-AM62 Development Kit can be provided upon request. Please email or for assistance or contact Critical Link at +1-315-425-4045.

Critical Link does not provide CAD data for the SOM.

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