AM62 MCAN Interface

The AM62 devkit supports 2 CAN interfaces, controlled by the M4 processor (MCUSS). These interfaces are available on the devkit via J11 (MCAN0) and J12 (MCAN1) [ pins 256/258 MCU_MCAN0_TX/RX pins 252/254 MCU_MCAN1_TX/RX ].


This example demonstrates a simple loopback between the 2 CAN interfaces from the MCU processor. It is heavily based on the TI example project, which was a single interface loopback.


To run this example, you will need to have installed Code Composer and the TI SDK as shown in the M4FMCU_Development page


  1. Connect the 2 CAN interfaces together as shown here


  2. Install one of the termination jumpers (J17/J18)


Example project

  1. This project is available on the Critical Link Git repository (;a=summary)
  1. Clone the repository and then import the project into code Composer Studio
    1. From the Project menu, select Import CCS Projects...


    2. With Select search-directory selected, Click the "Browse..." button and Select the working directory you cloned


    3. Make sure the mcan_loopback project is selected and click "Finish"


    4. The project includes a target configuration suitable for JTAG connection via an XDS200 emulator pod.
  2. Build the project
    The output file will located at Debug/mcan_loopback_polling_am62x-sk_m4fss0-0_freertos_ti-arm-clang.out
  3. Load the program using the remoteproc system

When you run the project you will see its output in the MCU terminal


This example sets the stage for using the MCAN interfaces from the MCU. The M4 image can be loaded and run from Linux on the A53 processor using the remoteproc Framework.
Inter-processor communication is then supported via Linux rpmsg device (TI has written one for their processor families)

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