Repositories and Pre-built Images

This page provides links to MitySOM-AM62x specific software and prebuilt images to support using the MitySOM-AM62x development kit.

Source Code Repositories

The following are links to the repositories that Critical Link provides for the kernel, U-Boot, Yocto, and FPGA sample projects.

Type Repo Branch Notes
Kernel ti-linux-kernel mitysom-linux-5.10.y Tracks TI's ti-linux-5.10.y
U-Boot ti-u-boot mitysom-u-boot-2021.01 Tracks TI's uBoot implementation
Yocto Top Level / Setup oe-layersetup criticallink Adds Critical Link supplied Meta Layers to TI's PROCESSOR_SDK
Yocto Layer meta-mitysom dunfell Critical Link SOM Support Recipes

Pre-Built Images for the Development Kit

The following is a link to the latest released pre-built binaries for the MitySOM-AM62x Development Kit SD card image for the SOM variants. It includes the complete A53 and R5 SPL and uBoot images as well as the root filesystem.

Description Location Manifest Based on TI Release Toolchain Release Notes
Reference Micro-SD card Image By default, this image is for HS SOMs md5 Manifest 08.06.00 gcc version 9.2.1 20191025 Yocto SDK 08 Release Notes
For GP SOMs, the same image can be used if tiboot3-am62x-gp-evm.bin is renamed to tiboot3.bin. If you use the image on a GP SOM without renaming the file, the target will not boot and there will be no output to the console.

Note: The SD-Card Image requires an 8GB or larger Micro-SD card.

For flashing the Micro-SD card, we recommend using balenaEtcher .

Debian Image (Not typically needed)

In general, Critical Link recommends using the Yocto-based reference image for your development. TI, however, provides a Debian image as part of their Processor SDK . This image can be used with the MitySOM-AM62x devkit by:
  • Replacing the boot partition U-Boot files with files from the boot partition of our reference image.
  • Replacing the kernel files contained in the boot directory on the root partition with the corresponding files in our reference image.
  • Copying the Critical Link kernel modules from our reference image root parition (under /lib/modules) to /lib/modules.
As an example, the following table contains a direct link to a Debian SD card image for the MitySOM-AM62x devkit. This image assumes you are using a GP processor. For HS-FS SOMs, the same image can be used if tiboot3-am62x-hs-fs-evm.bin is renamed to tiboot3.bin on the boot partition.
Description Location Based on TI Release
Reference Micro-SD card Image (DEBIAN) By default, this image is for GP SOMs 20240108-mitysom-am62x-debian-bookworm.img.gz (1.2GB, A 16GB OR LARGER SD CARD is required) Debian Bookworm

If you have any problems with this image or if you have questions about using Debian for your custom application, please contact Critical Link for further assistance or post in our forums.

Reference Toolchain Image

The following is a link to the Reference Linux Developer Toolchain based on TI's AM62x PROCESSOR-SDK-LINUX

The current MitySOM-62x Filesystem is based on version 08.06 of the Processor SDK:

Description Location Manifest Based on TI Release Toolchain
Reference Linux Developer Toolchain Manifest 08.06.00 gcc version 9.2.1 20191025

Known Issues:

  • The arago-2021.09 SDK contains out of date ca-certs, so git clones while the cross compile toolchain is active can fail. Its recommended to delete the git binaries installed under the toolchain path so commands will use the systems native git command.
    rm -rf sdk.../sysroots/x86_64-arago-linux/usr/bin/git*

Legacy Images

Legacy released images can be found at the following location:

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