Cortex-M4F MCU Subsystem Development

This page provides links to information about a number of more advanced capabilities of the MitySOM-AM62 and Development kit.

Note that the Cortex-M4F is not available on the MitySOM-AM62A.

Installing the development software

TI MCU SDK Installation


  • Download the SDK installer and install at below path on your PC
  • Windows, C:/ti</li>
  • Linux, ${HOME}/ti</li>

*${SDK_INSTALL_PATH} in this user guide refers to the path, including the SDK folder name, where the SDK is installed. Example, in Windows, ${SDK_INSTALL_PATH} will refer to the path C:/ti/mcu_plus_sdk_{soc}_{version}
*You can also browse, download and install the SDK with TI Resource Explorer:

Adding the SysConfig Application

  • Install at below path,
  • Windows, C:/ti
  • Linux, ${HOME}/ti

Code Composer Studio

Download the Code Composer Studio™ IDE

Note: It is best to install the SDK, sysconfig, etc before installing CCS so it can detect them automatically.

MCU Peripheral Examples

MCU Examples
SOM Programmable Real-Time Units (PRUs) Information on how to use the 2 Programmable Real-time Unit and Industrial Communication Subsystems (PRU-ICSS).
SOM Cortex-M4 Micro Controller Unit Information on how to use the Cortex-M4 Micro Controller Unit (MCU) subsystem

This wiki guide is based on using the TI MCU+ SDK version

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