USB 2.0 Dual Role Port

The MitySOM-AM62 Development Kit includes a Dual Role port.

The development kit has been configured to support both peripheral and host mode by actively detecting the USB ID pin and presence of +5V on the USB interface.

Peripheral Mode

To use the Dual Role Port as a peripheral, you need to load the proper USB gadget peripheral module for the port (or compile the necessary module into the kernel). An example of setting up the port to act as an RNDIS network device connected to a Host PC can be found on this page.

Host Mode

To use the device in host mode, you can use a USB-B OTG to Type-A conversion cable and a USB stick, as shown in the picture below.

When you plug the device in, you should see kernel console messages about detecting the device and you can run lsusb to see where it is mounted.

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