Docker Build Environment

Critical Link has created a Dockerfile for building software for the MitySOM-AM62 environment. Using Docker will give you a consistent Linux build environment that does not need to be manually configured and will not be affected by changes to your underlying OS.

  1. Check your Linux distribution's application library to ensure Docker is installed. Please use our forums if you have questions about installing Docker.
  2. Clone the git repository at;a=summary : $ git clone
  3. Change directory to the containers/am62xx directory: $ cd containers/am62xx
  4. Run make to build the docker image: $ make
    • The generated Docker image runs with your current user/group id to help prevent permissions issues.
    • This step make take a few minutes the first time as the necessary files need to be downloaded and installed.
  5. The containers/am62xx/ file describes how to use the Docker image to build software. In addition, this wiki has links to instructions for building specific parts of the filesystem (kernel, U-Boot, etc.).

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