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This wiki page will describe how to setup Visual Studio Code so it can be used to build and debug an ARM Linux user-level program on the AM62x.

General setup

Hello World Example

  • Create a project directory using the attached hello.tar.gz file.
    • Source file is just main.c with hello world
    • Note these example files
      • .vscode/tasks.json
      • .vscode/launch.json
  • Start VScode.
    • Connect to your development host
    • Start a terminal view in VScode on the development host
      cd <project_directory>/hello
      code .
  • Build the app for debug mode. ctrl-shift-B, select build debug
  • copy to target
    • Start a Terminal View. Main Menu->Terminal->New Terminal
      scp debug/hello target_62x:
  • run on target
    ssh target_62x ./hello
  • Debug the program
    • start gdbserver on target
      ssh target_62x gdbserver :10000 ./hello
    • start debug session
      • Press the debug icon on left. (Triangle pointing to right with bug on lower left)
      • In the Run and debug combo box at top, select Attach to target_62x
      • Should stop with arrow at the printf line.
      • Step over the printf
      • Step over the fflush
      • Should see Hello on the terminal view where gdbserver was started
      • Click the disconnect icon or shift+F5
  • VSCode debugger quirks
    • Only plant or remove breakpoints when the target is stopped, not when the target is running.
    • Only disconnect a debug session when the target is stopped.
    • Doing these operations while the target is running will cause confusion. You may have to kill the gdbserver manually on the target and you will have to start a new debug session.


A sample debug session with a simple hello world project has been demonstrated.

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