Hardware Design

MitySOM-AM62 and MitySOM-AM62A Development Kit Information on the MitySOM-AM62/MitySOM-AM62A Development Kit (schematics, etc)
Hardware Design Guidelines General information about designing your own baseboard
SDCard VSEL_SD Controlling VSEL_SD to support UHS sdcard speeds
CAD Files and Information Information on available CAD files
Errata and Module Product Change Notifications Information on Errata and Module Product Change Notifications
SODIMM DDR4Connector Information Information about the connecter used between the MitySOM-AM62x and the baseboard.
Power Supply and Heat Dissipation Information on power supply design and heat dissipation
Mounting Hole Location Information on Mounting hole location
Shock and Vibration Information on shock and vibration
Clearance Beneath Module Information on clearance needed beneath the Module
On-Module Trace Lengths Information regarding the On-Module trace lengths.
Pinmux Considerations Considerations on how to set up pinmux settings, spreadsheet with SOM pinout

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