Visual Studio Code: Setup

This wiki page describes how to install and setup the environment for building and editing Arm Linux programs using Visual Studio Code.

  • Local Machine
    Because we are setting up VSCode, your local machine can be any OS. VSCode will usually be setup to connect to an appropriate Linux machine for building the code.
  • Remote Dev Machine
    If your local machine is a Windows machine, then you usually need a Linux PC to build and develop the app.
    If your local machine is running Linux or is Windows and has WSL2 setup, then you can use your local machine for this. You would skip the Remote - SSH setup and replace it with whatever is appropriate.
  • Target
    The target is assumed to be running with an IP address that is accessible from the Remote Dev Machine.


Local Machine - Windows or Linux:
  • Install vscode
  • Install extensions
    • Remote Development (Microsoft)
    • C/C++ Extension Pack (Microsoft)
    • Native Debug (WebFreak)
    • Optional
      • GitLens (GitKraken)
      • SVN (Chris Johnston)
      • Vim (vscodevim)
      • Doxygen Documentation Generator (Christoph Schlosser)
      • Shellcheck (Timon Wong)
  • Restart vscode
  • Configure vscode
    • Setup ssh remote host
      • ctrl-shift-p -> Remote-SSH: Add New SSH Host...
      • Click >< symbol in bottom left and select "Connect to host..."
      • Select <your_remote_dev_machine_name_or_ip>
        vscode should connect to your_remote_dev_machine_name_or_ip and let you edit code and run commands via the terminal as if you were natively on the machine
        First time may take a minute or so to setup
    • Install extensions on remote
      ctrl-shift-p > Remote: Install Local Extensions in 'ssh-remote+your_remote_dev_machine_name_or_ip'...
Dev machine - Linux :
Note: This can be run from vscode terminal
  • See vscode_tasks_and_launch for information on creating a tasks.json file for build tasks and a launch.json file for information on launching targets for debug connections.
  • You will use ctrl-shift-b to run a build task
  • Configure IntelliSense following the instructions in
        "configurations": [
                "name": "Linux",
                "includePath": [
                "defines": [],
                "compilerPath": "/home/<your_user_name>/ti-processor-sdk-linux-am62xx-evm-",
                "cStandard": "c11",
                "cppStandard": "c++17",
                "intelliSenseMode": "linux-gcc-arm" 
        "version": 4


At this point your VScode should be initialized and ready to be used to build and debug a project.

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