Boot options

Section 5 of the AM62x TRM discusses the initialization process in detail. Here we will talk about how this process is implemented on the Critical Link MitySOM-AM62x. The MitySOM-AM62x brings all 16 of the boot mode pins out to the edge connector.

Signal BM00 BM01 BM02 BM03 BM04 BM05 BM06 BM07 BM08 BM09 BM10 BM11 BM12 BM13 BM14 BM15
Pin 154 148 150 152 156 144 146 142 155 157 153 149 151 147 145 143

As these signals are pin-muxed with other functions, care must be taken with regard to pull-up resistors and any signal integrity requirements imposed by the other functions, if used.

Critical Link Evaluation Board Boot Settings

The Critical Link MitySoM-AM62xx Development Board (CLPN 80-001617) provides an array of interfaces capable of supporting booting the AM-62x module.

Boot source configurations
Micro-SD boot Booting the MitySoM-AM62x from SD card
Octal-SPI boot Booting the MitySoM-AM62x from the on-board OSPI device1
eMMC boot Booting the MitySoM-AM62x from the on-board eMMC1
Network boot Booting the MitySoM-AM62x from a network server

1 OSPI and eMMC are optional devices on the MitySoM-AM62x, please see for ordering options

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